Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Assalamualaikum.. tak jawab dosa... jawab dapat pahala.
Lamanya tak tulis blog. Tengok balik last entry was 5 years back.
So many things happened in 5 years.
I'm not very sure why I'm stopped writing. Maybe because of not having enough time or maybe because I'm just too lazy to write. OPPSSS.. 
     So, meh I nak update sikit about my life recently. Not very recently la actually. Well I've graduated from medical school in Sept/August 2013. Pfft, not so long time ago yet I'm already not very sure when exactly I've graduated. Malu je. Already went through 1 year of housemanship. That's mean already went through 3 departments (surgical, paediatric and medical). But guess what? I'm already BURNED-OUT!! I'm quitting. Yes, I want to quit very badly. You must think that I am the most insane person on earth. Studying for almost 6 years to get the degree and already survived 1 year of housemanship with a stable, quite high salary and yet want to quit. I don't give a damn about what people want to say or think. I feel nauseated every time I'm headed to hospital and during ward round. Not to mention not having enough time to eat and time to gather with friend and family. The worst part is doctors are not allowed to get sick. Oh, I'm sick of it!! Sounds crucial isn't it? Well, at least most of the time. My social life was gone. Okay, I might be exaggerate things a bit. But who cares. The point is I want to quit and I've already quit.
     Oh, yes!! I'm quit!! Not in medical field anymore. Trying to start a new chapter in my life. Alhamdulillah, I'd given a very supportive family members by Almighty Allah. At first, they were not really agreed with my decision. But then, after saw me shed tears for quite some times, they probably surrendered. So, now I'm struggling with my new job. Opening a laundry (jadi bos merangkap kuli). Hiksss. Well, at least I've get my smile and time for myself back.


Welcome to Tokwe Laundry, Brinchang, Cameron Highland!!


  1. Wow..wewe..solute u..u hv the gut to do it..ak doakan kejayaan ko babe..

  2. Nadia, ni Sufi ni ingt lg x? Haha aku shock gile ko quit, awat xbgtw, apa2 pn good luck in your business, awat buka dobi nun jauh atas gunung, buka lh kt tepi hkl ni, senang kami anta basuh baju hahaha

  3. Sufi: ni nak bagitau la ni. Kena la lari jauh2 atas bukit. Nnt kalau buka kat KL terserempak ngan ex-bos pulak.

  4. I went thru housemanship 4posting then burnt out!! Then i took unpaid leave to think of my decision to resign or not. And then i was forced by my parents to start back. They arranged it for me to start back and as expected i have to start all over again from 1st posting! My first day i went to the new hospital, i felt really sick thy i actually did puke and cried. Then i resign after the first day because i know i cant do this anymore. 2 kali try still i xmampu buat. I hope my parents can see these and stop forcing me and putting much expectation on me. Ive tried twice and i just cant do it.

    1. Honestly, stress juga quit ni tau. In term of money I mean. Ye la, cuba u bayangkan time houseman gaji banyak. Bila buka bisnes mmg kena pakai banyak duit. Mmg kena tabah. Tapi xde la perasaan x best time jadi houseman dulu. In term of life, better. You dah tak wake up in the morning feeling like there are thousand of butterflies in your stomach. ��

    2. Kserra,how many days u got for unpaid leave??just want to ask as also had plan for quitting.

    3. kseraa ada email or no watsap ke ?sy pon already quit ho
      life is not all good ..
      hope u reply

  5. Hi Ms Naadeya,

    Im a fellow houseman too decided to quit housemanship 3 months ago. I've completed a year of houseman as well but I have a health condition, that i asked for unpaid leave yet was not granted by the hospital. I just couldnt take it anymore, and sent in my resignation. Been 3 months, the pressure from my family and in-laws are getting into me. There are times, I feel the best decision is to go back to work. Do you have to start from the beginning all over again? Any suggestions how do u get over this depression?


    Miss. Dilemma

    1. Hi. What are you doing after quitted? I'm going to start doing back my housemanship since I'm facing quite a lot of trouble now in term of money after quitted. I have to start back from 1st posting because it almost 1 year that I'm MIA. Since I'm not properly resign, I just need to go to work without having to apply for the new mmc no. Heard that if we already sent our resignation letter, we will only hired as a contract HO. I'm not really sure about that. That's what from what I've heard. Thank god I'm not properly resign yet. 😊

    2. Dear Miss.Dilemma,

      I wonder how are you doing since then. Noticed your post were one year old.

      Miss Nadeeya,

      It seems all the same story to us. Facing some sort of financial problem as well. Wonder how are you doing now? I can't imagine the experience of going back.


    3. Dear Mr Nazir,

      I am curious about how you are doing now after MIA and after coming back to housemanship.

      My wife currently facing the same situation. She already MIA for almost 2 weeks now and still have no plan on coming back to work.

      What is the consequence of MIA and what happen if later she decide to come back to work. As you said, the better option is just to MIA and not hand in the proper resignation isn't it?

  6. :( have to re type everything sbb tiba2 my comment went missing.
    Anyways, I believe ramai yang in the same boat as you. May I know how do u deal with admin hosp, KKM when you go back to work after 1 year? Ok tak? If it's too personal to answer here, can we please communicate with each other through email, pls? my email: windsdom[at] Need your share on this matter��

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    1. hey you can resign, but then can apply back later, but only on contract.

    2. If you plan to continue medicine, NEVER resign. Only properly resign when you have a sure plan where you are moving on next.

      That's the fact about houseman. Our short service time does not allow all the privilege of a government servant ie: cuti tanpa gaji, sick leave...etc.

      Once resign, its hard to return into service. Mine took more than a year.

      My take: MIA. just pack your stuff and leave. Don't tender resignation letter. before leaving, put in a request for holiday citing your mother's health. to minimize the effect and as contingency measure. take your leave as minimum as you can.

    3. dr nazir,
      are you now working as a HO again

  8. Hi Ms. Nadeeya,

    I'm planning to reapply as well due to the long distance with my husband who is also a fellow houseman. How is the process and all?

    Hi Nazir, you took a year to get into the system? Can u guide me how to go about pls? Thank you. Do leave your email if possible in ur next mail, it will be easier to contact you.

    Thank you.

  9. Salam

    My name is Arshad, quit my housemanship on April 2015 after completed 3 rotations (medical, surgical and O&G).

    Currently, I am a takaful agent for AIA Public Takaful.

    I was also diagnosed with depression during my housemanship. My psychiatrist gave me a total of 2 months MC. She treated me with counselling and then started antidepression.

    Tried to go back to work after that 2 months MC, however decided to quit on second day (memang dah tak boleh tahan dah, SOOO BURNED OUT!)

    Alhamdulillah, I am now depression free.

    Anyone wishes to contact me, this is my email

  10. Hi Miss Nadeeya,

    My name is Jeanrette, and I'm a recent medical graduate, who is currently waiting for HO, except that I have no interest whatsoever to even begin, what more to work long-term as a doctor.

    I know it's kinda late to reply, since it's 3 years apart to when this blog was posted (and the laws might have changed over the years) but I'm really curious to know if at the time you quit your Housemanship, were you required to pay back the total amount of salary that was given to you during your working period? Because that was what I heard one of my friend said, and she said she also read it somewhere, so she couldn't be too sure.

    I'm hoping that you can reply and enlighten me on this issue. Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Hello there. Yes u ve to pay back the amount of salary if u mia/quit. Now ho is a contract basis and its actually making it easier for u to terminate.

  11. Hi therw,

    Im qutting ho as well. Just wonderjng were u a JPA scholar? If yes how was the process of payjng back the loan?